Just Do It: Motivation, AD/HD, and What It Means To Me

So my mom sent me an interesting article today on the nature of motivation and attention deficit disorder. I was diagnosed with AD/HD when I was six and we’d always blamed it for my inability to finish or even start a lot of projects. The latest incarnation of this has been my vow to exercise […]

Comic-Con, Day 3

The third day was a light day. Started the day late by con standards, as my first writing panel wasn’t until 11:45. One of panelist’s birthdays was that day. The whole room sang loudly and lustily. Since my birthday had been the day before, I requested a photo op. After all, Gemini girls gotta stick […]

Comic Con, Day 2

Hubs and I came into Sunday at the con with a revised plan. Instead of joining me for the Women of Whedon panel at 10:30 (featuring Jewel Staite, Emma Caulfield, that one chick who played Glory on Buffy who’s name I can never remember, and the amazing Amy Acker) he would sleep in and have […]