Adventure Time At the Museum of Nature and Science

Hubby and I both work retail, so both money and time are scarce commodities in our house. For a while, we both had one mutual day off per week, but the needs of new employers changed that dynamic. Therefor, when we both have the same day off together, we do not waste it on paltry things like errands and Netflix marathons. We go have adventures!

We’d been talking about going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a bit, but we never seem to be able to go on the Free Days. We bit the bullet and bought tickets to go anyway. You can’t take money with you when you die, but a day exploring the Silk Road and trying to catch salmon on a digital stream enriches your life now, right?


First stop was the traveling exhibit on the Silk Road. I admit I know very little about either that particular era in history or the places within the interior of Asia in general, so it was very eye opening to learn about the cultures and geography. I was really fascinated by the idea of Karez wells, which are underground tunnels and man-made cave systems that funnel mountain snowmelt into the more arid portions of Xinjiang , China. I could definitely see that being applicable in the Western United States, especially along the Rockies and in California.

We stopped at the Mythic Creatures exhibit, which went into the myths and possible explanations for cryptozoological creatures such as dragons, mermaids, sea serpents, and unicorns. I particularly liked the presentation on water spirits and how the western mermaid image spread to other cultures — particularly voodoo. Most of my family has been in Alaska at one point or another, so the small display dedicated to the myth of Sedna (mother of marine mammals in Inuit mythology) got my writer’s brain going, too!


Of course, the models were stunning!



They had a green screen photobooth where you could choose to fight dragons or frolic with unicorns. I chose dragons and dragged Hubby along for the ride. This lead to an interesting encounter in the gift shop later…

Well, as we were headed out, Hubby picked up a stuffed dragon for the daughter of a friend at the gift shop. I was ogling the geodes, per usual, when an elderly man came up to me. “You should ditch him,” he said as he jerked his thumb towards Hubby, “and find someone who won’t push you in front of the dragon next time!” He grinned at me, delighted, and his wife giggled a few feet away.

I pointed to the stuffed dragon in Hubby’s hand. “He was crouched down protecting the baby we stole,” I explained. “I’m a better fighter, anyway.”

The old man chuckled and walked off, and my bewildered husband asked me what that was all about.

Our final stop was at the membership booth. My birthday is at the end of May and I’ve been wanting a membership forever, so we were able to apply our museum admission to the cost of a membership. Early prezzie for me!!

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