Music To Move Your Body

Paleo breakfast: Steak and banana. It was going to be steak, eggs, and banana, but I got too lazy for eggs.

My husband is nicely distracting me from my birthday this weekend by taking me to the Denver Comic Convention. Being huge nerds, of course, I am excited as hell. I ditched the Rita Skeeter costume idea (too expensive and I could never find the right suit) and decided to go with a more budget-friendly option. I am now going as Faye Whitaker from Questionable Content, probably one of my favorite webcomics. Also, super simple costume, although I am attempted to bleach pen art to make a knockoff of her famous Bear Monster shirt. I also ordered a brown wig from Amazon and it should be here today.

I may also go in an 11th Doctor inspired outfit. We’ll see if I can find a cute brown jacket and bow tie at the thrift shop today.

Speaking of shopping, I have the day off and it’s Errand Day! Library, Ulta Cosmetics, pedicure, thrift store, grocery shopping. All without a car, since we only have one car largely used for Hubby’s drive to work. This means walking and taking public transportation, and I’m one of those women who does better with music to keep her feet moving. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something very soothing about walking around quiet neighborhoods or mountain trails with nothing but Nature to serenade you, but alas, those places won’t be on my route today.

I have two or three playlists for errands and working out. Upbeat tracks, and lyrics I know by heart. I’m old and set in my ways, and lazy about putting new music onto my iPod, so my walking playlist doesn’t have anything newer than five years old on it. Thought y’all might like some tunage to keep your workout going or just cheer up your day on this gloomy Thursday.

  1. Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
  2. Last Cigarette – Dramarama
  3. Combat – Flobots
  4. These 3 Sins – Gomez
  5. You Held The World – Idlewild
  6. The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin
  7. A Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World
  8. Motown Junk – Manic Street Preachers
  9. Monster Hospital – Metric
  10. Hooray for Me – Pulley
  11. Cretin Hop – The Ramones
  12. Well Thought Out Twinkles – Silversun Pickups
  13. Iron Clad – Sleater Kinney
  14. Geek USA – Smashing Pumpkins
  15. Anti-Anti – Snowden
  16. Into Action – Tim Armstrong
  17. Plea from A Cat Named Virtue – The Weakerthans
  18. Intravenous – Catherine Wheel
  19. Freak Out – 311
  20. Decatur Street – The Twilight Singers
  21. Bouncing off Clouds – Tori Amos
  22. Face Up and Sing – Ani DiFranco
  23. Pick Your Nose – Ani DiFranco
  24. Paralyzed – Bob Mould
  25. Machinehead – Bush
  26. Walking Distance – The Buzzcocks
  27. Blood Red Summer – Coheed and Cambria
  28. Smell of Petroleum – The Pogues

Put in the earbuds, turn on the iPod, and this playlist works well whether listened to in order or on shuffle. And away she goes!

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