How I Used Polyvore to Up My Cosplay Game

book-fair-678264_640Denver Comic Con is a mere five weeks away! I am so excited I can barely contain myself! Since this is my first fan convention ever, I plan to go all out. Hubby and I have budgeted a fair share of spending money for the convention itself, we splurged on three day passes, and we’re cosplaying!

Except I’ve never done the cosplay bit before. Even my Halloween costumes tend to be half-assed excursions to the thrift store or pulling something last minute out of my closet. So when I chose my cosplay characters, I did it with the intention of keeping it simple, but recognizable. Although I absolutely do not feel like plus size women HAVE to cosplay as plus size characters, I knew I was going to feel much more comfortable playing someone who was at least compatible with my body type. I chose Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter. Rita is portrayed in the movies as being slender, but I feel she could be reimagined as a curvier lady very easily.

Putting together a Rita Skeeter outfit will take work. According to the books, she wore magenta robes, bejeweled glasses, and crimson claw-like nails. She sported blond curls in both the book and the movie, and carried an acid green quill pen. I also thought that a bug-shaped brooch or pair of earrings would reference her ability to shapeshift into a beetle.

Rita Skeeter CosplaySo that’s a lot of elements! Fortunately, there’s this handy little app called Polyvore. It’s a social commerce site that allows users to curate collages of products from the Polyvore product database or from the web. These collages are called “sets” and are generally used for fashion inspiration. However, it also makes it perfect for taking diverse cosplay elements and putting them together for one cohesive costume.
Since Polyvore has a really great mobile app, I can access my set from anywhere. So if I decide to hit up the thrift stores, I can pull up my Rita Skeeter set on my phone to see how well an item matches the intended look. If, say, I can’t find that perfect curly wig at any of the local costume shops, I can pull up the Polyvore website and it’ll link me to the wig I chose for the set. I can share the sets with any friends on Polyvore, too.

I know even just having a visual representation of my costume will help me to shop intelligently for the cosplay. And I know I’m not the only nerdy chick using Polyvore for the exact same purpose, or to put together our every day geek chic outfits. I started using it for cosplay only, but I now I use it to pick out outfits for work and going to shows, too!

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