My Ears are Happy Now

Yesterday I helped a friend with the onerous task of clearing out his house in order to move to a smaller place. It’s the kind of thing that I know from experience is easier when you have someone with no particular ties to the house or the objects within around. One of the stipulations I had was that he had to keep the tunes coming — he’s a musician with a deep reverence for punk and ska. I knew he’d introduce me to artists and albums I hadn’t gotten around to discovering.

I wasn’t disappointed. Within a few minutes he’d fired up a couple of bands whose names were vaguely familiar but I hadn’t really heard much from them. First band was the Interrupters, a four piece with a vocalist that sounds like a young Brodie Dalle. Which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that Tim Armstrong and Hellcat Records have taken a distinct interest in this band.

Don’t take my word for it. This is one of my favorite tracks of the album, very reminiscent of early Rancid right down to the organ.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, Hellcat put up the whole album on YouTube for punks like us to stream for free. I mean, how cool izzat? You can stream the entire album here.

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